Assisting accounting & finance professionals in achieving their CIA, CMA, and CPA certifications

Outstanding Quality & Value

Unlike Others, We Don’t:

Stress you with mandatory attendance.
Rush you in a highly compressed course.
Ruin weekends with long all-day weekend classes.
Teach to only one problem of the week.
Overwhelm you with complex material.
Leave you on your own.

Here’s What We Do:

Provide caring and highly competent professors.
Provide optional in-person or on-line classes and 24/7 access to archived lectures.
Provide customized 3-hour weekly lectures spread over several months.
Save you time and stress by focusing on your weak areas.
Teach & time lectures to coincide with Exam testing windows.
Continually support you throughout your entire study term until you pass.
Provide 24/7 access to Web-based study groups and on-line classroom community.
Guarantee* that you WILL PASS the FIRST TIME!